North Dakota Health Insurance

North Dakota’s health insurance regulations may affect how easily you can find a health coverage here, so we would suggest that you take a moment to brush up on the most significant aspects of these rules before you actually start to shop for health insurance in this state.  The list below, which covers most of the significant points of North Dakota’s health insurance laws, should be enough to get you up to speed.

  • Every insurer in North Dakota is required to include a guaranteed-renewability clause in each health insurance policy they sell.  This clause simply assures that you will be able to renew your coverage each time the opportunity comes up, although this may depend on whether you have paid the premiums for this policy in full and on time.  In addition, it is illegal for your insurer to stop honoring your policy simply because you are experiencing health complications.
  • Parents living in North Dakota who already have individual coverage that includes dependents are automatically granted 31 days of coverage under that policy for any newborn or newly-adopted children.
  • Any health problem that has cropped up within six months before your new policy takes effect can be designated a “pre-existing condition” and excluded from the policy’s terms of coverage for up to one year.  Once that exclusion period ends, any new treatment or care relating to that health issue will be covered as normal.
  • Insurers in North Dakota are allowed to turn down any application for health coverage if they decide that the applicant’s health, age, or other risk factors make for an undesirable investment.  If they do decide to offer health insurance, insurers here are required to offer two state-designated standard plans in addition to whatever they would normally provide.  The cost of health insurance is only mildly controlled, so you can expect your premiums to vary based on typical criteria like age, health, location, and so on.
  • Any small business that meets certain basic requirements is automatically eligible to purchase group coverage in North Dakota.  Specifically, the enterprise must have between two and fifty employees.  It must also agree to abide by certain obligations laid out by the insurer, such as a minimum level of employee enrollment and/or a mandatory per-employee premium contribution by the employer.  Those that meet the requirements can purchase any group health plan that is currently being offered to other small businesses in North Dakota.
  • The costs incurred for coverage of any small business are variable, and are usually based on the risk factors of the insured employees.  No matter what, however, your insurer cannot terminate coverage simply because of health problems among the insured company’s staff.
  • Self-employed entrepreneurs in North Dakota are not considered eligible to purchase small business health coverage unless they meet the standard requirements for the policy in question.  If they choose to purchase individual coverage instead, however, they may be eligible to deduct a sizable portion of the premiums from their overall tax liability.

North Dakota’s regulations do not provide an exceptional degree of protection to the average consumer, so you should approach the process of shopping for coverage only after learning about the limits and options that you can expect to find.  Once you’re ready to start comparing quotes, however, your knowledge will make it much more likely that you will find exactly the sort of coverage you need.

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